Theory and pedagogy of nordic walking (2014/2015)

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Barbara Pellegrini
Barbara Pellegrini
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II semestre dal Mar 2, 2015 al Jun 5, 2015.

Lesson timetable

II semestre

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Learning outcomes

The course is aimed to the learning of the Nordic Walking technique and of the teaching methods. The course will give the possibility to deepen the knowledge of the different aspect of Nordic Walking with particular attention to the biomechanical and physiological peculiarity with respect to conventional walking. The student will acquire the theoretical basis and the practical tools to organize, observe and evaluate exercise programs based on Nordic Walking for elderly or pathological subjects. During the lessons, the student will learn the fundamental elements of the Nordic Walking technique and the skill to teach and judge the correct execution. The positive assessments of the technique reached by the student at the final exam will give the possibility to obtain the ANWI_INWA license for second level instructor, after the subscription to the ANWI association.


The course is organized in frontal and practical lessons. Eight hours will be devoted to the analysis of the scientific basis of the benefit of Nordic Walking, with reference to the scientific studies investigating the peculiarity of Nordic Walking with respect to walking and other exercise. Special attention will be devoted to the application to overweight, diabetic, elderly and pathological subjects. Twelve hours during the practical part will be devoted to the learning of the fundamentals of the execution and teaching of Nordic Walking. The remaining hours will be devoted to trial and measurement sessions, and to familiarization with the observational strategies and evaluation methods.

Assessment methods and criteria

*mandatory attendance of a least 75% of the classes.
The students are required to send, at least one week before the examination date:
• A short document with the description of a project of physical activity addressed to a special population, analyzing the peculiarity, the benefits and possible problems of Nordic Walking
• Result of data processing of video recorded during the lessons pre- and post- the learning of a correct technique.
A part of the examination will be devoted to discussion of the documents sent by the student. During the praticla part of the examination, the technical skills reached by the students and its ability in detecting technical errors and in suggesting intervention for the correction will be also evaluated.

Teaching aids