Cell Biology

Patricia Lievens
Associate Professor
Monica Mottes
Full Professor
Maria Romanelli
Associate Professor
Donato Zipeto
Associate Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Cell biology and gene expression regulation. Maria Romanelli
Mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation. Role of ribonucleoproteins in the regulation of tissue-specific RNA synthesis.
Bone biology Monica Mottes
Study of osteogenic differentiation processes in "ex vivo" models.
Gene expression Patricia Lievens
Mechanisms of post-transcriptional and post-translational regulation of gene expression.
Virus-cell interaction Maria Romanelli
Donato Zipeto
MHC-I in HIV infection control. Alterations of cell signaling pathways mediated by retroviral protein expression. Study of viral oncoproteins produced by HTLV viruses (Tax, HBZ, APH-2)


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