Sport Sciences

Luca Paolo Ardigo'
Associate Professor
Luciano Bertinato
Assistant Professor
Matteo Bertucco
Associate Professor
Paola Cesari
Associate Professor
Massimo Lanza
Associate Professor
Federico Schena
Full Professor
Massimo Venturelli
Associate Professor
Paola Zamparo
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Adapted Physical Activities Massimo Lanza
Physical activities and sports adapted to the needs of elderly people, people with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses with the aim of improving their psycho-physical condition, autonomy and well-being.
Biomechanics Matteo Bertucco
Biomechanics is concerned with the mechanical / anatomical bases of human movement. An interdisciplinary approach is used in which materials from anatomy, physiology and physics (mechanics) are integrated.
Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology Paola Zamparo
the interplay between the biomechanics and energetics of human locomotion: i. e. how the mechanical determinants of cyclic sports activities (such as cycling, swimming and running) influence their physiological responses.
Physical education Massimo Lanza
Epistemology, methods and didactics of the education of youth movement in school and their overall education through the movement.
Educazione fisica, prestazioni sportive ed attività fisiche adattate Federico Schena
Exercise physiology - Aging, Massimo Venturelli
The area of research includes age-related mechanisms that limit exercise capacity associated to the healthy lifestyle (centenarians), mobility limitations (frailty), and cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s disease). With an integrative and translational approach, I am focusing on the role of vascular and mitochondrial function, associated to longevity, age-related disease, and dementia.
Training methodology and sport performance. Luca Paolo Ardigo'
Federico Schena
The topics of this area include the scientific basis and the research development of training methodology in order to improve/optimize sport performance and related functional evaluation
Metodologia e didattica delle attività Motorie e sportive Luciano Bertinato
Metodologia e didattica delle attività Motorie e sportive in ambito sportivo e scolastico
Sport-Neuroscience Paola Cesari


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