Cancer Biomarkers induced by the HTLV Tax oncoprotein

Data inizio
1 gennaio 2012
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Romanelli Maria
Parole chiave
HTLV, biomarkers, leukemia

The proposed research program represent an integrated approach to the research in the field of virus related neoplasia moving across a translational prospective in the study of HTLV infection for which the laboratories at the University of Verona and Gemiblab have a common interest.
The joint project is originated by the necessity to validate the experimental analyses conducted on Tax transiently expressing cells, carried out at the laboratories of the University of Verona with those obtained in HTLV infected cells that are available at the Gemiblab laboratories of Parma, by comparing the activity of the two Tax proteins, namely Tax-1 of the oncogenic HTLV -1 and Tax-2 of the non tumorigenic HTLV -2. The outcomes of such integrated approach analyses represent the necessary step for the identification of cell transformation biomarkers.

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GEMIB s.r.l.
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Programma: PROGATENEO - Progetti d'Ateneo

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Maria Romanelli
Professore ordinario