Virus -induced lymphoid neoplasms

Data inizio
1 maggio 2013
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Romanelli Maria
Parole chiave
HTLV, leukemia, oncoproteins

To gain insight into the mechanism of T-cell transformation, our studies
are focused in understanding the molecular interactions of HTLV and the host,
with particular emphasis on the effects of individual gene products on T-cell
turnover and interaction with microenvironment.

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Partecipanti al progetto

Umberto Bertazzoni
Erica Diani
Ricercatore a tempo determinato
Maria Romanelli
Professore associato
Titolo Autori Anno
Comparison of Tax-1 and Tax-2B posttranslational modifications using specific lysine mutants in relation to activation of NF-B and intracellular localization Turci M, Di Gennaro G, Cotena A, Marin O, Avesani F, Cremonese G, Diani E, Romanelli MG, Bertazzoni U. 2011
IKKepsilon involvement in Tax-mediated activation of INF pathway Cremonese G, Avesani F, Diani E, Turci M, Di Gennaro G, Bertazzoni U, Romanelli MG 2011
Intracellular Localization and Cellular Factors Interaction of HTLV-1 and HTLV-2 Tax Proteins: Similarities and Functional Differences. Bertazzoni, U.; Turci, M.; Avesani, F.; DI GENNARO, Gianfranco; Bidoia, C.; Romanelli, Maria 2011
Association of HTLV Tax proteins with TAK1-binding protein 2 and RelA in calreticulin-containing cytoplasmic structures partecipates in Tax-mediated NF-KB activation. Avesani, F.; Romanelli, Maria; Turci, M.; DI GENNARO, Gianfranco; Sampaio, C.; Bidoia, C.; Bertazzoni, U.; Bex, F. 2010
HTLV Tax proteins associate with TAB2 and RelA in Tax-mediated NF-kB activation. Avesani F.; Romanelli M.G.; Turci M.; Di Gennaro G.; Sampaio C.; Bidoia C.; Bex F.; Bertazzoni U. 2010
Characterization and functional analysis of cis-acting elements of the human farnesyl diphosphate synthetase (FDPS) gene 5' flanking region. Romanelli, Maria; Lorenzi, Pamela; Sangalli, Antonella; Diani, Erica; Mottes, Monica 2009
Functional comparison of Tax proteins of Human T- lymphotropic Viruses -1 and -2: implications for gene transactivation and interaction with signalling pathways. Bertazzoni, Umberto; Turci, Marco; Avesani, F.; Romanelli, Maria; Bex, F. 2009
HTLV-2B Tax oncoprotein is modified by ubiquitination and sumoylation and displays intracellular localization similar to its homologue HTLV-1 Tax. Marco Turci, Julie Lodewick, Paola Righi, Angela Polania, Maria Grazia Romanelli, Françoise Bex, Umberto Bertazzoni 2009
INTERACTIONS OF HTLV TAX ONCOPROTEINS WITH THE p65/RelA FACTOR OF NF-kB PATHWAY. Avesani, Francesca; Lorenzi, Pamela; C., Bidoia; Turci, Marco; Romanelli, Maria; Bertazzoni, Umberto 2008