Attention and Eye movements Lab

The lab is located at the Section of Physiology and Psychology and comprises two experimental set-ups for the collection of behavioural and eye-movement data, as well as an experimenter workstation.


Research activity:
The research activity concerns the study of attentional and motor mechanisms implied in the execution of eye movements.
Each experimental set-up, located in an independent room, comprises: one PC, complete with monitor, keypad and mouse, an Eyetracker (Set-up 1: Eyelink SR Research 1000 Plus; Set-up 2: Gazepoint GP3), allowing the recording of the eye movements performed by the observer in front of the monitor; one chinrest for the control of head position; software for the control of the computerized experimental paradigms (Opensesame, Matlab Psychotoolbox, Eyelink Experiment Builder, Eyelink Data Viewer).


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