NEXUS Human Behavior and Psychophysics Lab

The laboratory is located at the Section of Physiology and Psychology and allows the administration of computerized paradigms for the study of perceptual and cognitive mechanisms with a psychophysical and behavioural approach.

Research activity:
1. Investigating the behavioral correlates of attentional learning processes, notably reward-mediated attentional learning and statistical learning in the attentional domain
2. Investigating the attentional mechanisms for distractor filtering


The lab comprises two laboratories for behavioral and psychophysics experiments in humans aimed at investigating the cognitive mechanisms for visual selective attention, equipped with: “VSG” card (Cambridge Research System); dedicated software for experimental control and behavioral response recording and storage, including Open Sesame, E-Prime (Psyhcology Software Tools, PST), Matlab Psychotoolbox (Psychophysics Toolbox Version 3, PTB-3); response box (Psyhcology Software Tools, PST) for manual and vocal response recording and storage; chin rests to control head position.

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