Cellular Neurophysiology and Neurobiology Laboratory

Electrophysiological recordings of cells in cultures and on slices of tissue.


The laboratory is located at the Section of Physiology and Psychology, on the first floor of the Biological Institutes (block A). It occupies an area of about 40 square meters and allows to perform electrophysiological recordings of cells in cultures and on slices of tissue. In addition, it has everything needed to perform immunofluorescence and molecular biology.

Research activity:
1. In silico and in vitro characterization of the orphan G protein coupled receptor 3 (GPR3) (03/01/2017-02/28/2019, Basic Research-UNIVR);
2. Dissecting common pathophysiological mechanism in Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus through systems biology (12/11/2017-11/30/2019, Joint Project-UNIVR);
3. Microglia-cell communication in ischemia and glioblastoma (02/05/2017-02/04/2020, PRIN-MIUR);
4. Role of polyubiquitination in Alzheimer’s disease (01/01/2018-12/31/2020, Alzheimer's Association-USA).
The laboratory is provided with 2 electrophysiology setups for cellular recording (Patch Clamp), 2 stereomicroscopes, 2 straight microscopes, 2 inverted microscopes, a laminar flow hood, 2 incubators, a PCR thermal cycler and protein and DNA electrophoresis systems.

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