National PhD Programme in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences


The National PhD Programme in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences has been created with the aim of making a significant and concrete contribution to the scientific growth of an area of research that, although relatively recent, is already widespread in many Italian universities. Studies connected to the multiple expressions of human movement, from its earliest development to high-level sport, have been achieving an ever-increasing educational and scientific importance in the national and international scientific scene. The Italian context, with the important turning point of the introduction of study courses in Kinesiology and the creation of dedicated academic positions, has progressively expanded to an increasingly larger number of locations (over 40 universities to date). The related research activities have developed as well, focusing on specific themes among the multiple areas of study related to movement and sport sciences. Thanks to the high level achieved, Italian universities are placed among those that give an important contribution to the growth of scientific knowledge worldwide.

The modern interpretation of Kinesiology draws a diversified framework of scientific competences that can be divided into 3 different macro-areas. The first one is the study of sports performance and training methodologies. The second one is adapted physical activity for primary and secondary prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases: the social and health objective is an integral part of this area. Finally, Kinesiology aims at studying and identifying the best strategies for PE teaching at schools, emphasizing its importance for future generations, creating new teaching tools that can offer sustainable scenarios both socially and economically.

These three-macro areas can be further divided into basic mechanisms and intervention models in further areas. The transversal nature of the training model is complemented by the organization into six paths  (curricula) having as their core: sports performance, adapted physical activity, sport as a tool for inclusion and movement education, within specific frameworks responding to the new challenges underpinned by the National Recovery and Resilience Programme.

Programme objectives

The National PhD Programme in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences aims at training experts with high-level knowledge and skills, capable of using advanced cultural, methodological and technical tools intended for the scientific development of Kinesiology in the academic field and to obtain skills to be applied to highly qualified professional activities in public and private structures/entities/centres. In particular, this three-year study pathway will offer scientific training tools, both theoretical and applied, that will enable to gain high skills in designing, conducting and managing   scientific trials on sport performance, injury prevention, and the maintenance of the best physical efficiency at different ages and although any pathologies that may affect humans during all phases of life. In addition, the National PhD Programme in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences aims at training professionals with an in-depth knowledge of methodologies and techniques of motor education for people with disabilities, in order to improve their sport performance and increase the social inclusiveness offered by movement activities and sports carried out in codified and/or natural environments. Finally, this Programme will offer specific competences for professional educators, who will be able to prove scientifically the best PE teaching strategies towards school populations of different ages and genders.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Degree class
DOTTORATO - Classe per i Dottorati (ateneo)
Supervisory body
Faculty Board of National PhD Programme in Kinesiology and Sport Sciences
Federico Schena
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit PhD Unit
Graduate School
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Main Department
Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Subject area
Sport Sciences