Professional Master in “Hands-on Surgical Approaches to the anterolateral skull base, reconstruction and indications”

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The primary aim of this professional master is to enhance participants’ theoretical and practical skills necessary to perform surgical approaches to the anterolateral skull base for endocranial diseases. Specifically, participants will be expected to:

- acquire anatomical knowledge about simple and complex approaches, gaining understanding of the relevant functional changes and clinical applications;

- make the most of views and technical approaches from specialists from different surgical backgrounds;

- determine the best techniques for treating similar diseases in each case;

- perform surgical techniques on cadavers using advanced technological equipment;

- experiment with both microsurgical and endoscopic techniques;

- watch live or recorded activities and discuss the critical issues of each operation with experts;

- appreciate the importance of reconstruction associated with the surgical technique;

- acquire competence in evaluating clinical outcome;

- discuss potential clinical complications associated with the surgical technique;

- learn from the experience of international specialists;

- create a stimulating and professional environment where long-term collaborations can flourish.

This master programme is targeted to neurosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and otorhinolaryngologists, together with other professionals as shown in the Teaching Plan.

Skills and professional opportunities

1. Knowledge: this professional master enables participants to pursue and consolidate a career in a specialist area in basic (anatomy) or clinical (neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery or otorhinolaryngology) medicine, thanks to the knowledge and specialists’ contributions made available in the course of the programme.

2. Practical skills: upon completion of this professional master, participants will be able to demonstrate clinical skills in performing and managing safe surgical procedures in the following aspects: setting up of a team, surgical planning and execution, and follow-up procedures. It also allows to design specific programmes of continuing professional development.

3. Competences: this professional master provides participants with a thorough knowledge of theoretical and practical requirements to enhance professional collaborations also improving outcomes in patients with anterolateral endocranial diseases.



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Course details

Degree type
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
1 Year
Degree class
MASTER - Classe per i Master (ateneo)
Supervisory body
Comitato Scientifico del Master Universitario in Approcci chirurgici "hands-on" alla base cranica antero-laterale, ricostruzione e indicazioni
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Short Master Courses, Advanced Courses and Professional Development Courses Unit
Main Department
Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences
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Life and Health Sciences
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Medicine and Surgery