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• Study of aging in cells and tissues (sarcopenia and neuromuscular disorders, neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, joint disorders, cellulite) • Study of tissue regeneration (fat graft, mesenchymal stem cells, filler, biological and synthetic scaffolds, ozone therapy) • Study of the biocompatibility and efficacy of experimental biomedical nanoconstructs (drug delivery, contrast agents, hyperthermic treatments), on in vitro and in vivo models, with special reference to the crossing of biological barriers • Study of the specific smell and taste ability in healthy and ill patients • Oncological studies in vitro and in vivo, as well as on specimens ex vivo from patients with different tumours; special attention is given i) to the role of the adipose tissue in oncogenesis and tumour progression; ii) to the molecular mechanisms of “mesenchymalization” in aggressive mammary carcinomas; and iii) to the development of novel theranostic approaches to solid tumours
Laura Calderan
Associate Professor
Barbara Cisterna
Temporary Assistant Professor
Mirco Galie'
Associate Professor
Andrea Sbarbati
Full Professor
Maria Paola Cecchini
Assistant Professor
Paolo Fabene
Full Professor (Department Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine)
Manuela Malatesta
Associate Professor
Carlo Zancanaro
Full Professor
Topic Research area
Ultrastructural analysis - spectroscopy - preclinical imaging in magnetic resonance Anatomy & Morphology
Anthropometry and body composition Anatomy & Morphology
Determinanti molecolari dell’invecchiamento e della trasformazione tumorale. Anatomy & Morphology
Multimodal imaging Anatomy & Morphology
The olfactory and gustatory sensory systems in humans Neurosciences
Neuroscienze e malattie neurodegenerative Medicina rigenerativa funzionale e personalizzata Medicina rigenerativa funzionale e personalizzata
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
Profiling of olfactory receptor genes expression in Down syndrome olfactory neurons Maria Paola Cecchini Joint Projects - assegnato e gestito dal Dipartimento Apr 1, 2017 24
Safety and Knowledge Of Ozone Therapy: effect of mild ozonization on tumor cells in vitro and in vivo Manuela Malatesta Studio Medico Poliambulatorio San Rocco di Dott. Gabriele Tabaracci Jan 1, 2018 24


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