Functional Motor Disorders: New Advances

Functional Motor Disorders: New Advances
  venerdì 14 giugno 2019
Functional Motor Disorders: new advances is a one-day course focusing on
aetiology, phenomenology, mechanisms (including neurophysiology and fMRI)
and treatment of these frequent and very disabling disorders.
The term “functional motor disorders” refers to abnormal movements (tremor, gait
disorders, dystonia, etc) and weakness that are significantly altered by distraction
or non-physiological maneuvers (such as dramatic placebo response) and that
are clinically incongruent with movement disorders known to be caused by
neurological diseases.
This multi-disciplinary course brings together leading international experts from
different backgrounds, including neurology, physiology, psychiatry and psychology.
The target audience for this course are clinicians (neurologists, psychiatrists,
radiologists) working in the neuroscience field, general practitioners,
physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses, but also basic scientists.
The aim of the course is to improve clinical skills as well as to raise research interest
in this fascinating and evolving topic emphasizing on interdisciplinary interaction
and understanding.



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