Giovanni Ostuzzi

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Temporary Assistant Professor
Section of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
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Giovanni Ostuzzi holds an MD degree, a postdoctoral degree in Psychiatry, and a PhD in “Neuroscience, Psychology and Psychiatry” from the University of Verona. He received training in epidemiology, clinical psychopharmacology and research synthesis at the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health and Service Evaluation of the University of Verona, under the tutorship of Prof. Corrado Barbui. He received additional training as a Visiting Researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, under the tutorship of Prof. Matthew Hotopf.
From 2019 he is a Lecturer at the University of Verona (Ricercatore a Tempo Determinato di Tipo A), where he is conducting research in the field of evidence-based mental health and pharmacoepidemiology, with particular interest in evaluating the efficacy and tolerability of psychotropic drugs. He is currently involved in coordinating a group of Italian Psychiatric Services (STAR Network) for designing and conducting observational and experimental multicentre studies. He has expertise in the field of research synthesis, including umbrella reviews and network meta-analysis on the long-term efficacy and tolerability of antipsychotics in people with schizophrenia. He has also been involved in activities of guideline development following the GRADE methodology coordinated by national and international institutions (including WHO, UNHCR, and the Italian National Institute of Health – Istituto Superiore di Sanità).
Giovanni Ostuzzi published several scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences since 2018 and Associate Editor of the journal BMC Psychiatry since 2020.


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The main research interests of the Unit include: (a) pharmaco-epidemiology, oriented to describe the beneficial and harmful effects of psychotropic drugs in ordinary practice; (b) randomized controlled trials, oriented to assess the efficacy and tolerability profile of psychotropic drugs in experimental conditions; (c) systematic reviews, oriented to summarize clinical trial findings using meta-analytical techniques.


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