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Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (until 2002-2003) Course not running
Naturally limited Degree course - Only the third year is still running
Bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science (until 2005-2006) Course not running
The degree course in motory and sports science aims to supply the skills related to the comprehension, planning , management and administration of educational, adaptive, games and sports motory activities, aiming at the development, maintenance and recovery of motory capacities and the psycho-physical well-being correlated to them. To this end, the course also offers sudents the opportunity to learn to use at least one European Union language, besides Italian effectively , to be applied to the specific area in question, , as well as to supplying the suitable skills and tools for communication and information management.
Bachelor's degree Sport and Exercise Science (until 2007-2008) Course not running
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