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LS5_9 - Systems neuroscience

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Postdoc, University of Southern California

Ph.D., Università di Verona

M.S., Università di Verona

B.S.,  Università di Verona

Dr. Bertucco is primarily interested to conduct research in the areas of motor control, motor learning and neuromechanics. His overall approach is to combine neurological, engineering and computational principles to understand the basis of human movement and how central nervous system controls voluntary movements and acquires gross and fine motor skills. Currently, his research is focused on understanding the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms of postural control and locomotion, and its development in adulthood and childhood with particular attention to pediatric movement disorders.


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Research groups

Attività fisica e salute
Effetti dell’esercizio fisico sullo stato di salute
Biomeccanica Neuroscienze Movimento
Le attività di ricerca di questo gruppo affrontano e sviluppano le tematiche relative ai meccanismi del controllo motorio e dei fenomeni psicobiologici legati al movimento umano nonché gli aspetti biomeccanici propri delle attività motorie e sportive sia in laboratorio che in condizioni di effettiva attuazione in vari contesti di pratica .
Topic Description Research area
Biomechanics Biomechanics is concerned with the mechanical / anatomical bases of human movement. An interdisciplinary approach is used in which materials from anatomy, physiology and physics (mechanics) are integrated. Sport Sciences
Motor Control and Learning Motor control refers to the process by which the nervous system coordinates the muscle and limbs to achieve a desired movement or set of actions. Motor learning refers to the neurophysiological processes related to the acquisition and retention of skills associated with movement. Neurosciences
Title Starting date
Fondo per il finanziamento delle attività base di ricerca (FFABR) 2017 – Istituito dalla legge di bilancio 11/12/2016 n. 232 e destinato al finanziamento annuale delle attività base di ricerca dei professori di seconda fascia e dei ricercatori delle università statali - BERTUCCO 1/1/18


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