Luca Paolo Ardigo'
Assistant Professor
Carlo Capelli
Full Professor
Silvia Pogliaghi
Associate Professor
Silvia Savazzi
Full Professor
Enrico Tam
Assistant Professor
Giancarlo Tassinari
Full Professor
Research interests
Topic People Description
Human and animal bioenergetics and biomechanics of movement and locomotion Luca Paolo Ardigo'
dislessia evolutiva Giancarlo Tassinari
Dislessia evolutiva
Exercise physiology Silvia Pogliaghi
Study of the physiological mechanisms that regulate acute and adaptive responses to exercise in physiological and pathological conditions with the final aim to design evidence-based exercise interventions for health promotion across the life span.
Fisiologia dell'esercizio fisico Enrico Tam
Fisiologia dell'esercizio fisico
Fisiologia dell’esercizio muscolare e Fisiologia dell’invecchiamento Carlo Capelli
Fisiologia dell’esercizio muscolare Fisiologia dell’invecchiamento Risposte fisiologiche ed adattamento al disuso, all’allenamento e all’ambiente (microgravità, ipergravità e alta quota). Scambi respiratori e metabolismo aerobico in vivo
General Psychology Silvia Savazzi
Studies concerning perceptual and spatial awareness


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