Imaging Laboratory

This laboratory, which is run in collaboration with the Centro Piattaforme Tecnologiche (CPT) and the Department of Computer Science, is equipped with a magnetic resonance tomograph for small animals and an optical imager, and with the necessary instruments for all the pre- and post-acquisition procedures.


The tomograph for nuclear magnetic resonance can perform evaluations of both localized and high-resolution NMR spectroscopy, while by the optical imager analyses of fluorescence and bioluminescence can be done (both these instruments are part of the equipment of the CPT). The laboratory is also equipped with the apparatuses for the preparation and handling of the animals to be examined (i.e., anaesthesia, monitoring of the vital parameters), and for the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the acquired images. Furthermore, a MagneTherm system is also present for testing the hyperthermic capabilities of nanoconstructs.

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