Specialist course for Trainers who run water-based courses of wellbeing in pregnancy

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The project started in response to the needs of obstetricians who run childbirth preparation courses in different institutional contexts (public and private centres) to acquire competences and skills related to the running of these courses. Women increasingly express the desire to prepare for childbirth in the swimming pool and this demand is mostly met by private organisations whose personnel may not have all the necessary skills. The aim of the course is to train professionals with specific scientific abilities and competences related to pregnancy, who are able to satisfy the needs of the users. The skills acquired during the course through practical experience and exercises aim to encourage the participants to know how to do things and to know how to do them well.

Course details

Degree type
Advanced postgraduate course
0 years
Supervisory body
Scientific committee for the course for teachers of courses of acquatics and well-being in pregnancy
Main Department
Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Subject area
Medicine and Surgery