Master I in National Expert in Nordic Walking

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This course looks in depth at correct Nordic walking technique and will develop participants' skills in teaching and methodology for designing and implementing specific exercise programmes. Nordic walking is an increasingly popular activity that can be practiced by a broad spectrum of people in terms of gender, age and health. Scientific studies have also proven its effectiveness in combatting obesity, cardiovascular illnesses, rheumatism, Parkinson's disease, depression and neuro-motor disabilities. The Italian Nordic Walking Association (ANWI) has been running Nordic walking instructor qualification courses for years. This Masters course was created through continuous interaction between the University of Verona and ANWI, identifying the need for training progression in order to adapt to the complex requirements of the population. The course aims to train students to become National Experts in Nordic walking - i.e. physical education graduates with specific skills in assessment and exercise planning through nordic walking, able to adapt programmes to suit elderly people or those will chronic illnesses. "National Expert" is recognised in the Nordic walking world as a qualification above that of Instructor, and gives access to the possibility of becoming a National Coach, which is the highest level qualification.

Course details

Degree type
Short Master Programs (postgraduate)
1 Year
Supervisory body
Comitato Scientifico del Master Universitario in Tecnico nazionale di nordic walking
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Medical Postgraduate Specialisations and State Exams Unit
Main Department
Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences
Subject area
Sport Sciences