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Perioperative Neurophysiology in Neurosurgery

Intraoperative neurophysiology is a discipline that uses neurophysiological techniques (e.g. evoked potentials, cortical and subortical mapping,…) to identify (mapping) and preserve the functional integrity (monitoring) of neural structures, during neurosurgical procedures in critical areas. The research group aims to develop new protocols to identify and maintain neurological functions, in particular with regards to the motor and visual systems. This will be obtained through transcranial magnetic stimulation studies in healthy subjects or patients, as well as intraoperative monitoring/mapping in neurosurgical patients
Chiara Mazzi
Temporary Assistant Professor
Silvia Savazzi
Full Professor
Francesco Sala
Full Professor
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Intraoperative neurophysiology Surgery
Neuropsychology Neurosciences
Cognitive neuroscience. Neurosciences
General Psychology Physiology


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