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Title Starting date
The Verona Nanomedicine Initiative: WP3 10/1/11
Anti-STAT3 and -NF-kB phytocompounds against glioma 5/25/10
Biochemical study of the modulation of JAK/STAT pathway by sesquiterpenes from Artemisia 5/25/10
Confronto fra erogazione di un flusso pulsatile vs continuo durante circolazione extracorporea in pazienti anziani sottoposti a intervento cardiochirurgico 5/21/09
Approcci molecolari allo studio della neutropenia severa congenita: dalla biochimica alla biologia cellulare 2/27/09
Natural and modified flavonoids and terpens in phyto-chemio-prevention and treatment. 2/9/09
Molecular mechanism of antinflammatory action of plant extract 1/1/08
Studi sull'uso di fitoterapici in gravidanza ed in pazienti in terapia cronica:strategie per informare i professionisti della salute 1/1/08
Molecular mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of plant compounds: in vitro and in vivo study 1/1/07
Identification of naturally derived small molecules with innovative biological activities to reveal new physiologically active nutrients and new production processes based on plant cell cultures 10/1/06
Molecular mechanism of regulation of the production of nitric oxide (NO): physiopathological implications in different cell models. 12/3/02
Il trapianto cellulare come alternativa al trapianto d'organo: studio dei processi di crescita e differenziamento delle cellule staminali orientate verso fenotipi cardiovascolari 11/5/02
Sostanze naturali e modulazione dell'ossido nitrico sintasi. 1/1/02


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