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Titolo dell'assegno di ricerca: “Identificazione e caratterizzazione di biomarcatori associati allo sviluppo e progressione di malattie neurodegenerative e dell’invecchiamento”. AdR3063/18
Tutor: Maria Grazia Romanelli


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Research groups

Applied and experimental biology
Development of cell models to study gene expression regulation in bone diseases, cancer, cell signaling and virus-host interaction
Research interests
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Virus-cell interaction MHC-I in HIV infection control. Alterations of cell signaling pathways mediated by retroviral protein expression. Study of viral oncoproteins produced by HTLV viruses (Tax, HBZ, APH-2) Cell Biology
Title Starting date
Production of CRISPR-edited Lymphocyte cell lines for the study of lymphoproliferative diseases. 1/15/17


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