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October 1, 2020
PhD student
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Borsa di Ricerca dal titolo "Messa a punto di metodi molecolari per la tipizzazione di varianti geniche di HLA-C e ApoE" 
Competenze: Biologia cellulare, biologia molecolare, impiego della tecnica CRISPR/Cas9 per sviluppo di nuove linee cellulari


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Research groups

Biologia molecolare
Editing genomico mediante CRISPR/Cas9. Ruolo della β2-microglobulina nell’eziologia di malattie neurodegenerative
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Virus-cell interaction MHC-I in HIV infection control. Alterations of cell signaling pathways mediated by retroviral protein expression. Study of viral oncoproteins produced by HTLV viruses (Tax, HBZ, APH-2) Cell Biology
Title Starting date
Protein Network of the Synaptic Compartment in an in vitro model of Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 3/1/18


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