Molecular mechanism of antinflammatory action of plant extract

Starting date
January 1, 2008
Duration (months)
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Suzuki Hisanori
Plant productivity, Signal transduction, Inflammation, Phyto complex, Cultivation and biological products

The main objective of this joint project is to identify plant extract supplied by Aboca which are able to down-regulate some nuclear transcriptional factors such as STAT1/3 and NF-κB critically involved in inflammatory response. Furthermore phytocomplex of the active plant extract will be characterized in order to find the compounds mainly responsible for the biological activity.

Upon identification of new molecules, the study will be focused on understanding molecular mechanism of their action in order further to evaluate their possible therapeutic use. For this purpose direct interaction between above-mentioned nuclear factors and identified molecules will be analysed by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) that will allow us to estimate KD values. Computer modelling analysis will also be performed to further structure/function study.
Possible identification of new anti-inflammatory plant extract, fractions or compounds may lead to the development of future treatment in prevention and therapy of either acute or chronic inflammatory diseases.


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