Molecular aspects of the locomotor apparatus: post-trascriptional regulation of gene expression of regulators of alternative splicing during muscle differentiation and of genes involved in the determination of bone mineral density.

Starting date
January 1, 2007
Duration (months)
Managers or local contacts
Morandi Carlo
splicing, muscle, ribonucleoprotein, collagen

The primary goal of this research project is the molecular study of locomotor apparatus referred to genes involved into tissue specific gene expression regulation, specifically the research will be directed to the study of the role of ribonucleoproteins hnRNP in gene expression of muscle-specific myogenic regulatory factors during myoblast differentiation and molecular genetics study of genes involved into determination of bone mineral density


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Syllabus: PRIN

Project participants

Pamela Lorenzi
Technical-administrative staff
Carlo Morandi
Research Assistants
Monica Mottes
Full Professor
Maria Romanelli
Associate Professor
Title Authors Year
Characterization and functional analysis of cis-acting elements of the human farnesyl diphosphate synthetase (FDPS) gene 5' flanking region. Romanelli, Maria; Lorenzi, Pamela; Sangalli, Antonella; Diani, Erica; Mottes, Monica 2009
Functional characterization of the ribonucleoprotein, PTB-binding 1/Raverl promoter region Romanelli, Maria; Lorenzi, Pamela; Avesani, F.; Morandi, Carlo 2007


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