Joint Project 2015 - "Dall’analisi del secretoma alla terapia personalizzata per pazienti con tumore al pancreas aventi p53 mutata"

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January 1, 2016
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Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences
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Donadelli Massimo

From secretome knowledge to personalized therapy in pancreatic cancer patients wuth mutant p53
OBIETTIVI individuare una firma molecolare di biomarker associati alla forma mutata di p53 nel siero di pazienti PDAC (adenocarcinoma del dotto pancreatico) e identificare terapie mirate per i pazienti con p53 mutata
Cancer deaths are the second leading cause of death, after cardiovascular disease, in industrialized countries and hit millions of people every year. Among cancers, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) represents one of the most aggressive cancer types, with a high incidence of distant metastasis and mortality. The main issue against successful therapy for PDAC is represented by the absence of early diagnostic and prognostic markers, as well as the unresponsiveness to radiation and chemotherapies. Resistance to therapeutics is mainly due to severe genetic alterations which lead defects in the apoptotic process. One of the most important proteins involved in DNA damage repair and apoptosis is the tumor suppressor protein p53, which orchestrates the cellular response to genotoxic stress induced by traditional drugs. However, PDAC patients have a high incidence (50- 75%) of missense p53 mutations. These mutations not only block the p53 tumor suppressor functions but also determine the acquisition of new oncogenic activities, such as the stimulation of tumor cell proliferation, chemo-resistance, local diffusion and metastasis. Through the synergistic collaboration with the main partner ISALIT (spin-off at the Piemonte Orientale University) and with ARC-Net (Centre for Applied Research on Cancer at the University of Verona) this project aims to identify a molecular signature of biomarkers secreted by PDAC cells of patients ATTENZIONE: Il presente modulo deve essere caricato attraverso la procedura on line. carrying oncogenic mutant p53. Beyond the improvement of the knowledge of the biology of pancreatic cancer, the identification of this mutant p53-related signature in serum of PDAC patients could permit an easy and fast selection and recognition of patients bearing oncogenic mutant p53. Since these patients are particularly resistant to the traditional chemotherapies, the ultimate goal of this project is also the identification of specific therapies for mutant p53 cancer patients, who are today inefficiently exposed to the same treatments of wild-type p53 patients.
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ANNO 2015
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