Perception and Awareness (PandA) Laboratory

Our main interests relate to the study of perception and awareness in healthy subjects and neurological patients.

To achieve this goal we investigate:
·       how, when, and where in the brain the percept is generated,
·       how we can deceive perception by breaking the rules underlying vision,
·       what is the role of attention in awareness,
·       how perceptual awareness changes when the coherent representation of the outer world is lost after a brain damage.
Behavioural, electrophysiology (EEG) and direct brain stimulation (TMS and intraoperative electrocortical mapping) techniques are used. These techniques are applied on healthy subjects and brain-damaged patients with visual field defects or neglect. We measure behavioural responses to different kinds of real stimuli or artificial percepts induced by TMS.

By combining these approaches, we correlate behaviour with changes on the functional maps of the neural activity responsible for visual and spatial awareness.


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