Use of advanced technologies in the traceability and valorisation of the typical Italian ham

Starting date
January 1, 2008
Duration (months)
Department of Engineering for Innovation Medicine, Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences
Managers or local contacts
Calderan Laura
Ham, Imaging in magnetic resonance, Spectroscopy in magnetic resonance, Electron microscopy, Histology

The aim of this proposal is to investigate markers to identify, with a good degree of confidence, the origin of a ham, both dry-cured and raw. The study will use different technologies: magnetic resonance imaging, high field nuclear magnetic resonance, optical imaging, electron microscopy and histology.

The work plan will be organized in following steps and obtained data will be applied in the research and in the individuation of markers of traceability, and both for nutritional and nutriceutical characterization. Together with the enterprise involved in this proposal, three or even more, production technologies will be evaluated and compared.
This approach, thoroughly described in the ongoing section, represents a strong innovation, and an opportunity in the future characterization of other products. Moreover, the described analyses will provide new nutritional informations and a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of the production and the quality of final products.


Levoni S.p.A.
Funds: assigned and managed by the department
Syllabus: Joint Projects 2010

Project participants

Donatella Benati
Paolo Bernardi
Technical-administrative staff
Federico Boschi
Associate Professor
Laura Calderan
Associate Professor
Mirco Cristofoletti
Daniele Degl'Innocenti
Paolo Fabene
Full Professor
Mirco Galie'
Associate Professor
Nadia Lovato
Pasquina Marzola
Full Professor
Aurora Matteoli
Technical-administrative staff
Flavia Merigo
Research Scholarship Holders
Elena Nicolato
Vanni Rizzatti
Andrea Sbarbati
Full Professor

Collaboratori esterni

Daria Levoni
Levoni SpA
Gianluigi Restelli
Levoni SpA
Research areas involved in the project
Anatomy & Morphology


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