Recording and slides of INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL WORKSHOP held on December 11th 2020 “Managing Outdoor Activities during Covid Period: Experiences, Rules, Solutions and Perspectives from European Countries”.

  Thursday, January 14, 2021
Recording and slides of INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL WORKSHOP held on December 11th 2020

“Managing Outdoor Activities during Covid Period: Experiences, Rules, Solutions and Perspectives from European Countries”.  
University of Verona (prof.Federico Schena) and Latvian Academy of Sport Education (prof. Juris Grants) have teamed up to organize a virtual international workshop, to focus on the role and importance of outdoor activities during COVID times addressed to students, teachers and researchers.  The primary goal of the workshop was to understand the nowadays specific situation in the Europe and to discuss about experiences, rules, solutions and perspectives between different European countries (Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden).

The workshop materials are available here:  
- slides of the invited speakers; 
- video recording of the workshop.   
The slides are available in the attachment: 
  • Valentina Biino (University of Verona);
  • Kalvis Cierkus (Latvian Academy of Sport Education);
  • Weronika Grantham, Anna Bodasińska, Krzysztof Piech (Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Branch in Biała  Podlaska, Poland; 
  • Cassandra Spoonberg (Swedish School of Sport andHealth Sciences, Sweden);
  • Vytė Kontautienė, Asta Budreikaitė (Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy – Klaipeda university, Lithuania);
  • Valdemaras Kavaliauskas (Individual practice in the “VK Health Management program”, Lithuania);
  • Gennaro Boccia (University of Turin, Italy).  
Video recording of the workshop is available at the following link:



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